Glamorous Back and Dress a Girl Around the World at Kids and Teens Latino Fashion Show.

Glamorous Back would like to start by thanking Francisco Adame and the  Francisco Adame Dance Arts Modeling Academy for inviting us to be involved with the 2017 kids and teens Latino fashion show! We were honored to be there and we enjoyed the show!



The show started out by featuring the charity that we are blessed to be a part of.


dress a girl official

Dress a Girl Around The World‘s mission statement was shown on a video for the whole crowd to see and you could tell the whole crowd was moved by the video! Shortly after the video started playing, the first little girl came down the runway in one of the actual dresses that will be given to a girl in a different country, and the audience responded with roaring applause!

This was an awesome moment for us to be a part of and we are glad we could help this charity spread their message to more people that attended this event.

Our Spring collection of dresses hit the runway with a BANG! We were honored that one of the dresses were modeled by Miss Teen Arizona Latina


We also wanted to say that all of models that modeled our spring collection did an amazing job! Thank you beautiful girls!


Thank you again to the Fadama Company for letting us be a part of the event and we look forward to future collaborations!

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